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Team Teaching Award Winners - Linda Kreitzer and Les Jerome

Congratulations to Linda Kreitzer and Les Jerome who received the Team Teaching Award.

The Team Teaching Award presented to Les Jerome and Linda Kreitzer, PhD, is unique in that Kreitzer teaches from our Edmonton campus, while Jerome teaches at our Calgary campus, making their juggling act as team teachers even more impressive. Using the Faculty of Social Work’s remotely connected classrooms, the two professors deliver INDG 399 - Special Topics in International Indigenous Studies in a way that uses their individual strength, experience and wisdom to create deep and profound student learning experience. As one of their students put it, “I found this to be one of the most engaging and influential courses of my undergrad degree. It was stellar example of strong and passionate co-teaching and it has been an invaluable contribution to my education thus far. The material was communicated with depth and clarity, the students felt respected and they were engaged and supported both inside and outside of the classroom.”