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Undergraduate Student Awards and Financial Aid Information

Submitted by gcrichlo on Fri, 10/03/2014 - 10:46am

The Student Awards Office provides scholarships, bursaries, and awards information to entering and continuing undergraduate students, linking them with valuable financial resources for their post-secondary studies.

Location: MacKimmie Library Block 124
Telephone: 403.210.7625
Undergraduate Awards Email:
Financial Assistance and Loans Email:

Student Awards

If you are pursuing your first degree and transferring to the University of Calgary with at least 10 half-courses completed at another post-secondary institution, you can apply for Transfer Awards through your Student Centre. Check with Enrolment Services for deadlines at:

If you completed nine or more half-courses at the University of Calgary in the previous Fall and Winter terms, you can apply for Competitive Undergraduate Awards through your Student Centre. Check the website for award deadlines:

Please contact Enrolment Services for information on bursaries and awards given annually through open competitions.

For a complete listing of undergraduate awards, including names, numbers, values, and criteria please visit the official online University Calendar:

Awards relevant to Social Work Students

  • Gayle Gilchrist James and Richard F. Ramsay Gold Medal in Social Work
  • Iain Cullen Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Work
  • Katheryn Caudron-Robinson Memorial Award
  • Distress Centre Calgary Award in Social Work
  • Elizabeth Wright McCullough Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Work
  • Randy McKay Award

For information about the above listed awards, please see the University of Calgary 2014-2015 Calendar at:

Bursaries for Social Work Students

  • Bert Marcuse Memorial Bursary
  • City of Calgary & Canadian Union of Public Employees L38 Undergraduate Social Work Bursaries
  • Dermot Baldwin Undergraduate Bursary
  • Dr. Margo Husby Mature Student Bursary
  • Edna Lancaster Memorial Bursary
  • Mithoo and Nabat Gillani Undergraduate Bursaries in Social Work and Business
  • Sheila McDougall Award
  • Social Work Alumni Alberta Opportunities Bursary
  • Tyler Bursary
  • Virginia Turri Noichl Bursary
  • William Paul Jaques Memorial Bursaries in Social Work
  • Wood's Homes Bursary

For information about the above listed bursaries, please see the University of Calgary 2014-2015 Calendar at:

Student Loans

While you are a student at the University of Calgary, you may be eligible for a government student loan. Student loans are intended to supplement student and family resources and are based on financial need. Find out more about student loans at: