University of Calgary

Research Interests

Mental Health / Health & Wellness

AddictionsJeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Gina Dimitropoulos
Clinical PracticeAlan McLuckie, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Regine King, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Anne-Marie McLaughlin, Manuel (Les) Jerome, Gail Zuk, Gina Dimitropoulos
Eating DisordersGina Dimitropoulos
Healthcare System IntegrationGina Dimitropoulos, Regine King
Healthy RelationshipsGina Dimitropoulos, Deinera Exner-Cortens
HIV/AIDSRegine King, Alan McLuckie, David Este
Organization and Delivery of Service - Mental HealthDavid Este, Gina Dimitropoulos, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Alan McLuckie, David Nicholas, Linda Kreitzer
Policy - Mental HealthGina Dimitropoulos
Professional Use of SelfBeth Archer-Kuhn
StigmaJeannette Waegemakers Schiff, David Este, Gina Dimitropoulos, Alan McLuckie, Regine King
Transition Through CareGina Dimitropoulos
Well-Being and Healthy RelationshipsLinda Kreitzer, Deinera Exner-Cortens

Child & Adolescent Development

Adolescent and Emerging AdultsDeinera Exner-Cortens, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Gina Dimitropoulos
Child and Youth ResilienceGina Dimitropoulos, Nicola Williams, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Deinera Exner-Cortens
Child MaltreatmentJulie Mann-Johnson, Gina Dimitropoulos
Child WelfareManuel (Les) Jerome, Gina Dimitropoulos, Beth Archer-Kuhn, Richard Enns, Jean Lafrance, Anne-Marie McLaughlin, Julie Mann-Johnson, Gail Zuk
Mental HealthJeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Manuel (Les) Jerome, Ralph Bodor, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Gina Dimitropoulos, Alan McLuckie
Mental Health and Complex Health NeedsGina Dimitropoulos
Organization and Delivery of Services - Child & AdolescentJeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Ralph Bodor, Jean Lafrance, Hieu Ngo, Gina Dimitropoulos
Policy - Child & Adolescent DevelopmentAnne-Marie McLaughlin, Julie Mann-Johnson, Jean Lafrance, Gina Dimitropoulos
School Mental HealthBeth Archer-Kuhn, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Gina Dimitropoulos
Violence PreventionDeinera Exner-Cortens

Social Work Education

Adult EducationRichard Enns, Ellen Perrault, Myra Elizabeth Baynton, Beth Archer-Kuhn
Anti-Oppressive PracticeBeth Archer-Kuhn, Serge Nyirinkwaya
Anti-RacismPrince Ekoh
Applications of IT to Social Work PracticeJessica Ayala, Nicola Williams, Jackie Sieppert
Curriculum Design & DeliveryJackie Sieppert, Richard Enns, Jacqueline Ismael, Linda Kreitzer, Ellen Perrault
Digital Literacy and Social WorkKathleen Sitter
Distance / Online LearningJessica Shaw, Myra Elizabeth Baynton, Jessica Ayala
Field Education / Experiential LearningJennifer Hewson, Beth Archer-Kuhn, Jessica Ayala, Myra Elizabeth Baynton, Anne-Marie McLaughlin
Inquiry-based LearningBeth Archer-Kuhn
International Social WorkNicola Williams, Beth Archer-Kuhn
Micro-Skills TrainingGina Dimitropoulos
Outcomes Based Service DeliveryGina Dimitropoulos
Practice with CommunitiesSerge Nyirinkwaya
Professional Foundations / EthicsJessica Shaw, Ellen Perrault, Anne-Marie McLaughlin, Linda Kreitzer
Research MethodsDavid Este, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Regine King, Gina Dimitropoulos, Jackie Sieppert, Avery Calhoun, Jessica Shaw
Student EngagementBeth Archer-Kuhn
SupervisionGina Dimitropoulos

Accessibility & Inclusion

Age Friendly CitiesJennifer Hewson
Discrimination & PerceptionJessica Shaw
Emancipatory PedagogyNicola Williams, Beth Archer-Kuhn, Regine King, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Jessica Shaw, Gail Zuk
Social SupportChristine Walsh, Jessica Shaw, David Nicholas, Prince Ekoh

Health Care

Arts, Health and Medical HumanitiesKathleen Sitter

Aboriginal Peoples

Child WelfareJulie Mann-Johnson, Avery Calhoun, Richard Enns, Manuel (Les) Jerome, Ralph Bodor, Jean Lafrance
Health & WellbeingJeannette Waegemakers Schiff
Indigenous EducationRalph Bodor, Linda Kreitzer, Manuel (Les) Jerome, Jean Lafrance, Richard Enns
Indigenous EpistemologyManuel (Les) Jerome, Regine King
Policy - Aboriginal PeoplesJulie Mann-Johnson, Richard Enns
Reconciliation & DecolonizationJulie Mann-Johnson, Ralph Bodor, Richard Enns, Manuel (Les) Jerome, Regine King
Violence PreventionRegine King, Ralph Bodor

Climate Change/Environment

Climate ChangeMishka Lysack
Climate/Environment ProtectionMishka Lysack
Deep DecarbonizationMishka Lysack
Renewable Energy TransitionMishka Lysack

International Social Work

Climate Change / Natural DisastersMishka Lysack, Gail Zuk
Human RightsNicola Williams, Regine King, Linda Kreitzer, Jacqueline Ismael, Jessica Shaw, Kathleen Sitter
Immigrant Settlement and IntegrationLinda Kreitzer
International Indigenous IssuesYahya El-Lahib, Linda Kreitzer, Regine King
International Social WorkBeth Archer-Kuhn
Participatory ResearchLinda Kreitzer, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Kathleen Sitter
Policy - International SWJacqueline Ismael
Refugee ResettlementLinda Kreitzer, Prince Ekoh
Sustainable Community DevelopmentJacqueline Ismael, Nicola Williams


Climate Change & TraumaMishka Lysack
TraumaMishka Lysack, Gina Dimitropoulos

Critical Disability

Critical DisabilityVictoria Burns, Dorothy Eleanor Badry, Janki Shankar


DisabilityDavid Nicholas, Gina Dimitropoulos, Alan McLuckie
Disability, Accessibility and InclusionKathleen Sitter, Gina Dimitropoulos


Domestic Violence, Including Prevention, Treatment and PolicyBeth Archer-Kuhn, Serge Nyirinkwaya, David Este, Avery Calhoun, Gail Zuk, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Christine Walsh, Mishka Lysack
Marriage and Family TherapyAlan McLuckie, Gina Dimitropoulos, Manuel (Les) Jerome

Human Service Organizations

Dynamics of CollaborationHieu Ngo, Jackie Sieppert, Jennifer Hewson, Ellen Perrault
Human ResourcesMyra Elizabeth Baynton
Leadership/ManagementEllen Perrault, Jessica Shaw, Myra Elizabeth Baynton, David Este, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff
Organizational Culture and ChangeEllen Perrault, Myra Elizabeth Baynton, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff
Technology in Human Service OrganizationsJessica Ayala, Jackie Sieppert

Environment and Sustainability

Environment and SustainabilityJulie Drolet

Public Policy/Economics

Environment & HealthMishka Lysack
Ethical EconomyMishka Lysack
Public Policy & Climate ChangeMishka Lysack
Sustainable Economic Development & CommunitiesMishka Lysack


Feminist Research IssuesAvery Calhoun, Beth Archer-Kuhn, Jessica Shaw, Gail Zuk, Jacqueline Ismael, Regine King
Organization and Delivery of Services - WomenJessica Shaw, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, Kathleen Sitter
PolicyJacqueline Ismael, Jessica Shaw


GerontologyPrince Ekoh, Victoria Burns, Yeonjung Lee
Organization and Delivery of Services - GerontologyJackie Sieppert, Jennifer Hewson, Christine Walsh
Policy - GerontologyJennifer Hewson

Immigrants & Refugees

Health & Mental HealthLinda Kreitzer, Regine King, David Este, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff
Organization and Delivery of Service - Immigrants & RefugeesRichard Enns, Regine King, David Este
Policy - Immigrants & RefugeesYahya El-Lahib, David Este, Jacqueline Ismael, Richard Enns
Violence PreventionRegine King, Hieu Ngo

Health, Mental Health and Wellness

Health, Mental Health and WellnessPatrina Duhaney, Sally St. George, Siu Ming Kwok, Heather Boynton, Victoria Burns, Janki Shankar, Angelique Jenney, Yeonjung Lee, Patricia Samson, Julie Drolet

Housing and Homelessness

Housing and HomelessnessVictoria Burns, Dorothy Eleanor Badry

Human Service Organizations and Systems

Human Service Organizations and SystemsSally St. George, Heather Boynton, Patricia Samson, Siu Ming Kwok, Liza Lorenzetti, Lana Wells, Patrina Duhaney, Dan Wulff

Research Interests

Human SexualityPrince Ekoh
Qualitative researchBeth Archer-Kuhn

Human Sexuality & Gender

Human Sexuality & GenderKathleen Sitter, Jessica Shaw, Jessica Ayala

Immigrant, Refugee, Ethno-Cultural, and Racialized Groups

Immigrant, Refugee, Ethno-Cultural, and Racialized GroupsJanki Shankar, Patrina Duhaney, Siu Ming Kwok, Dora Tam

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous PeoplesDorothy Eleanor Badry

Infant, Children and Adolescents

Infant, Children and AdolescentsHeather Boynton, Dorothy Eleanor Badry, Angelique Jenney, Dora Tam


InternationalDora Tam, Janki Shankar, Julie Drolet, Siu Ming Kwok, Lana Wells, Yeonjung Lee

Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science

Knowledge Translation and Implementation ScienceLana Wells, Serge Nyirinkwaya

Housing & Homelessness

Organization and Delivery of Service - Housing & HomelessnessNicola Williams, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff
Policy - Housing & HomelessnessAnne-Marie McLaughlin, Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff

Practice Approaches

Practice ApproachesHeather Boynton, Angelique Jenney, Dan Wulff, Liza Lorenzetti, Patrina Duhaney, Sally St. George

Program Evaluation

Program EvaluationBeth Archer-Kuhn, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Gina Dimitropoulos

Racialized Minorities

Racialized MinoritiesDavid Este, Regine King, Hieu Ngo

Research Methods

Research MethodsSiu Ming Kwok, Nicola Williams, Sally St. George, Victoria Burns, Dan Wulff, Liza Lorenzetti

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and LearningPatricia Samson, Liza Lorenzetti, Angelique Jenney, Dan Wulff, Sally St. George, Julie Drolet, Beth Archer-Kuhn, Dora Tam

Sexuality and Gender

Sexuality and GenderLana Wells, Julie Drolet

Trauma and Violence

Trauma and ViolenceJanki Shankar, Patrina Duhaney, Liza Lorenzetti, Lana Wells, Serge Nyirinkwaya, Angelique Jenney, Dorothy Eleanor Badry, Beth Archer-Kuhn, Heather Boynton, Patricia Samson
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