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Ellen Perrault

  • Teaching Professor
  • Clinical Practice
  • Community Development & Practice
  • Curriculum/Program Design & Evaluation
  • Field Education
  • Leadership in Human Services

Research Interests

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


Ellen Perrault, Teaching Professor, is Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning) at the Faculty of Social Work. She has over 25 years’ experience in social work practice in the areas of research, evaluation, crisis work, child welfare, community development, mental health, early intervention, coordination, organizational leadership, online education, and post-secondary educational development. 

Since 2002, Perrault has taught topics such as leading organizations and communities, advanced practicum, clinical practice specialization, practice methods, crisis intervention, social work practice with families, clinical practice methods, introduction to social welfare, models of social work practice, diversity, ethics, and research.

Research and Scholarly Activity

Through generous funding from the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary, Dr. Perrault is currently conducting a qualitative research case study in an effort to determine the important organizational, technical, and educational development success factors involved in the conversion from a face-to-face course to a quality online course. Her research team is studying the process of designing and implementing an online Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) over a two year period.

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BA (general)
BA (psychology specialization)

Professional and Community Associations

Ellen’s contributions to professional associations includes membership in the Alberta College of Social Work Educational Committee; member, Canadian Association of Social Workers – Affiliate Membership; member, Canadian Association for Social Work Education; member, Council on Social Work Education; member, Alberta Association of Social Workers.

Publications from 2008-Present

Book Chapters

Pelech, W., Wulff, D., Perrault, E., Ayala, J., Baynton, M., Williams, M., Crowder, R., & Shankar, J. (2014). Current challenges in social work distance education: Responses from the Elluminati. Distance Learning and Online Education in Social Work.  Routledge.

Perrault, E., Austin, C., McClelland, R., Sieppert, J., & Gursansky, D. (2014). Positive ageing through community development: Canadian experience. In T. Paltasingh & R. Tyagi (Eds.), Emerging issues in gerontology: Relevance and possibilities. Delhi, India: Bookwell. ISBN 978-93-80574-52-3.

Ayala, J., Baynton, M., & Perrault, E. (2012). Distance Field Education: New Technologies and Tools for Learning (Chapter 11). pp. 209-232. In Shifting Sites of Practice: Field Education in Canada. A book for practicum students, faculty and field instructors.  Editors: Drolet, J., Clark, N., & Allen, H. S.  Don Mills, ON: Pearson Education.

Refereed Journal Articles

Ayala, J., Ing, J., Perrault, E., Elliott, G., Baynton, M., & Letkemann, L. (2014). The potential of online learning in addressing challenges in field instructor training. Currents: Scholarship in the Human Services.

Pelech, W., Wulff, D., Perrault, E., Ayala, J., Baynton, M., Williams, M., Crowder, R., & Shankar, J. (2013). Current challenges in social work distance education: Responses from the Elluminati. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 33(4/5), 393-407, DOI: 10.1080/08841233.2013.834863.

Austin, C., McClelland, R., Sieppert, J., & Perrault, E. (2012).  Engaging older adults in community development. Indian Journal of Gerontology, 26(1), 1-24.

Perrault, E., McClelland, R., Austin, C., & Sieppert, J. (2011). Working together in collaborations: Successful process factors for community collaboration. Administration in Social Work, 35(3), 282-298. Preeminent Journal.

Austin, C., McClelland, R., Perrault, E., & Sieppert, J. (2009, Fall). The Elder Friendly Communities Program. Generations: Journal of the American Society on Aging, 33(2), 87-90.

Lipton, H., Raivio, E., Perrault, E., Bryden, B., Caputy, V., Binding, L., Pace, D., Donsky, A., Peters, A., Plotsky, K., Ayala, J., & Pada, C. (2008). Integrating children’s mental health in primary health care. Supplement, Collaborative Mental Health Care, Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 27(2), 153-163.


Perrault, E. (2008). Community-University Interorganizational Collaboration: A Case Study of the Important Factors for Success. Unpublished PhD dissertation, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada.

Recent Awards

2015: University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

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