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Beth Archer-Kuhn

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Beth Archer-Kuhn joined the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary in August 2015. She brings with her twenty-five years of practice experience, starting in child welfare. Beth was employed in children’s mental health for 23 years as a clinical social worker, clinical director of services, and executive director. For 15 years, Beth completed child custody and access evaluations for the family court in Ontario.

Beth’s research experience and interests include the overlap of child custody decision-making and domestic violence. The implications of this work invite partnerships in the fields of social work, child welfare, children’s mental health, domestic violence shelters and law.  Additionally, Beth’s second area of research is social work education with a specific interest in inquiry-based learning, on campus, on-line and study abroad.  Beth integrates research and teaching to support student learning as critically reflexive practitioners. She teaches across programs, clinical, ICD, leadership, and across levels of programs, BSW, MSW, and PhD.

Research and Scholarly Activity

  • Studying system responses to child custody and domestic violence.
  • Development and evaluation of child custody, children’s mental health, and child welfare
  • Understanding child welfare workers practice with families experiencing domestic violence.
  • Exploring inquiry-based learning in social work education from student and instructor perspective
  • Understanding risk and trust in higher education specific to inquiry-based learning

Current Research

  • Understanding the impact of DV and the impact of HV on children under the age of 4 in shared parenting arrangements.
  • Supporting systems and community capacity in small and rural communities
  • Creating theory to explain risk and trust in inquiry-based learning in higher education.


Doctor of Social Work (PhD) – University of Windsor

Master of Social Work (MSW) – University of Windsor

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) – University of Windsor

Professional and Community Associations

Beth is a current member of the Alberta College of Social Workers. 


Mackinnon, S. & Archer-Kuhn, B. (2018). Co-Principal Investigator – Social Science Humanities Research Council Connection Grant. Reigniting curiosity and inquiry in higher education: A working conference. $24,798

Mackinnon, S. & Archer-Kuhn, B. (2018). Co-Principal Investigator - University of Prince Edward Island, Internal Grant. Reigniting curiosity and inquiry in higher education: A working conference. $4,290

Archer-Kuhn, B. & Mackinnon, S. (2018). Co-Principal Investigator – Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Developing trust in students, professors and the process within short-term higher education inquiry-based learning environment, Grounded Theory, 2-year project. $38,368.80

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2018).Faculty publication award, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary manuscript publication award. $1000

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2017). Principal Investigator – Wood’s Homes, Qualitative research. Exploring family of origin training on children’s mental health supervisors. 9-month project, exploring worker life experience and the ways in which they bring that into their supervisory relationships with staff.

Archer-Kuhn, B., Lee, Y.J., Hewson, J. & Burns, V. (2017). Co-Principal Investigator - Faculty of Social Work Teaching Development Grant. Mixed methods. Exploring inquiry-based learning in undergraduate social work education:  A mixed methods study, 2-year project exploring IBL in social work education on campus.  $9,960

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2017). Principal Investigator - University Research Grant Committee (URGC). Qualitative research. Child Protection Workers perceptions of their training needs related to domestic violence and masculinity. 18-month project to explore the impact of training on child protection workers’ understanding of the relationship between domestic violence and masculinity. $15,000.

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2016).Vice President Research, Faculty Travel Grant, University of Calgary

        IIQM conference presentation related expenses in Scotland. $1500.

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2016). Principal Investigator - Faculty of Social Work, Start-Up. Mixed methods. Exploring Perspectives on Signature Pedagogy in Social Work Education. 18-month project on a national study ofFaculty and Field staff perceptions of signature pedagogy in social work education. $15,000

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2016). Principal Investigator - Alberta Centre for Child, Family, and Community. Participatory Action Research project to develop a research team to explore and map the legal and social services in   Calgary, AB, for women experiencing the overlap of domestic violence and child custody decision-making. Developing a Research Team. $10,000

Archer-Kuhn, B. & Lee, Y.J.(2016). Principal Investigator - Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Mixed methods. Exploring Inquiry-Based Learning in Social Work Education. Two-year project exploring IBL on an international group study program. $38,500

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2016). Principal Investigator - Dissertation Research. Qualitative Research.

Parent Perceptions and Experiences in Child Custody Decision-Making. Exploring parents’ experiences of child custody decision-making through the family court process.

Publications from 2011-Present

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2018). What’s in a name? Thematic analyses as we know them.

Qualitative Inquiry in Social Work, 1(1), 17-18.

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2018). Domestic violence and high conflict are not the same: A

gendered analysis. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 40(2), 216-233.

Available at: 

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2018). Discovering Meaning-Making in A Child Custody Context:

The Combined Benefits of Using van Manen’s Phenomenology and A Critical

Lens. The Qualitative Report, 23(8), 1822-1835.

Retrieved from 

Archer-Kuhn, B., & Samson, P. (in press). Exploring Team Leaders’ Perceptions of

Bowen’s Family of Origin Supervisory Training. Journal of Social Work Practice

Damianakis, T., Barrett, B., Archer-Kuhn, B., Samson, P., Matin, S.,

& Ahern, C. (in press). Teaching for Transformation: Masters of Social Work

Students Identify Teaching Approaches that Made a Difference.

Journal of Transformative Education. 

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2016). Parent Perceptions and Experiences in Child Custody

Decision-Making. ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis. Available at:

Archer-Kuhn, B., & Grant, J. (2014). Challenging contextual factors in university-

community partnerships. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship,

7 (2), 40-49.

Archer-Kuhn, B., Bouchard, T., & Greco, A. (2014). Creating an EBP Framework on a

journey to becoming an EBP agency: Pioneers in the field of Children’s Mental

Health. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 11(1), 2-17.

DOI: 10.1080/15433714.2013.837338

Archer-Kuhn, B. (2013). Structured Controversy: Inquiry-based learning in place of

traditional group presentations. Teaching Innovations Projects, 3(1), Article 14.

Sheridan, B., MacDonald, D., Donlon, M., & Kuhn, B. (2011). Evaluation of a social skills

program based on social learning theory, implemented in a school setting.Psychological

Reports, 108(2), 420-436. 


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