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Please to book the following rooms;


Meeting Rooms

Videoconferencing Equipment

The Faculty has videoconferencing units in rooms PF3257, and PF3240. You will have access to these units whenever you book these rooms. For assistance with setting up a videoconference, please send an email to:

Communication Rooms

Note: Communication rooms are not available for evening or weekend booking - Please email to book

The Faculty of Social Work houses AV / communication labs for teaching and practice. The labs are equipped with one-way mirrors and observation rooms that allow students the opportunity to view family, group and individual interviews. Beginning practitioners will be able to watch more experienced social workers conduct interviews and thus integrate classroom learning with practice.

The Faculty has three independent, self contained videotaping rooms: 3211, 3213 and 3215. We also have three rooms which require the use of our control room for videotaping: 3227, 3252, and 3254.

Please note:

  • You will need DVD -R disks
  • Once you finalize a disk, you cannot record on it again; you can only view a non-finalized disk on the type of machine that created it, so make sure you finalize before you try to view on a computer.

To report any problems, please phone (403) 220-5942

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