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International and Community Development (ICD)

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The International and Community Development specialization is available only through the Calgary-based MSW program. This specialization emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills associated with the practice of social work in international settings and/or with community based methods.

The specialization addresses:

  • Issues of marginalized or excluded populations in the context of economic globalization, structural adjustment programs, and/or
  • other international social and economic policies.

Specialization Coordinator: TBA

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Specialization Overview

The objectives of the ICD specialization are to prepare students for social work practice in international agencies or community settings locally or internationally. Students with an interest in international service and the role social work plays globally, may choose to pursue this specialization. Students with an interest in the practice of community development and related concepts as they apply in North America will also be a part of this specialization.

There are some course offering that overlap and others that are independent and exclusive to either international or community development. The specialization is differentiated by the nature of core and elective courses as well as a unique field practicum.

This specialization can be completed through either a course-based or thesis route, on a full-time or part-time basis. Students undertaking a course-based program typically do an electronic portfolio as their capstone assignment but may have the option of doing a case study, with the approval of their supervisor.

International Field Placements

Field placements are arranged on an individualized basis in collaboration with the Faculty's international coordinators. Internationally experienced faculty members have potential field placement contacts in most regions of the world. The placements are distinguished by their connection to international social agencies or their contextual requirement of being linked to international declarations, conventions and/or policies and may include local, national, international, or First Nations settings. Faculty contacts in the international field span across all regions of the world. Recent graduate program placements have included the United Nations, New York; UNHCR in Ghana; the Department of Social Development in South Africa; and with small NGOs in Kenya and India.

Specialization Courses and Curriculum Plans

ICD Courses:

  • SOWK 671: Social Policy
    Explores social welfare policy in Canada and in a globalizing world, the current roles of social welfare policy, and the roles they should have.
  • SOWK 673: International Social Development
    Examines issues in international social development. There will be an emphasis on analysis of the social forces and conditions giving rise to different models of social development, and on what each of these alternative models tends to produce in terms of social welfare policies and programs.
  • SOWK 699.21: Advanced Community Development Theory and Practice I
  • SOWK 675: Advanced International Social Work Modules
    This set of modules will give students tools for social change.
  • SOWK 699.22: Advanced Community Development Theory and Practice II
  • SOWK 677: Social Work Research for International and Community Methods
    International and Community Development research is designed to provide methodological knowledge and skills specifically oriented to community-based practice abroad or in Canada.
  • SOWK 697: Diversity, Oppression and Social Justice
    Critical examination of the issues of diversity and the power relations that form common links among the experiences of oppression and marginalization in Canadian society.
  • SOWK 696: Advanced Practicum
    Direct and indirect Social Work practice opportunities with professional supervision in student's area of specialization or interest. Consists of 525 hours, usually completed outside of Canada in the Spring/Summer semester following completion of core courses. This is a full-course equivalent.

In ICD specialization there is one elective course.

ICD Curriculum Plans

Any deviation from this highly prescriptive plan, must be discussed in advance with ICD coordinator, Dr. Lorne Jaques.

ICD Specialization route, full-time

Foundation and ICD Specialization, full-time

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