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BSW Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the prerequisites for admission to the BSW program?

Students with 19 university level general arts and science half-course equivalents and SOWK 201 may apply for admission to the 3rd year of the 4 year BSW program offered in Calgary or Edmonton or Lethbridge or one of the the Learning Circles locations or online.
Students applying with a completed undergraduate non-social work degree must complete SOWK 201 or its equivalent, preferably by the end of the Winter or Spring term immediately preceding admission.

Students will need 2 years to complete the required social work courses for the BSW degree.

Please note that students who have an existing undergraduate degree but may not qualify for or do not wish to take the two-year MSW program, are encouraged to apply to the BSW program.

Alberta Post-diploma route:
Students with a completed two year Social Work diploma from one of the approved Alberta colleges that has a transfer agreement with the Faculty of Social Work may apply for admission to the 3rd year of the 4 year BSW program. 

Students must also have completed eight university transferable non-Social Work half-course equivalents.

Applicants must meet the University of Calgary English Language Proficiency requirement as specified in the University of Calgary Calendar at:

What is the cost of tuition?

Undergraduate students are assessed tuition and general fees which are listed in the "Tuition and General Fees" chart. More information regarding tuition and fees can be found at:

Please note that each Academic term has its own deadline dates for fee payment.

When can I apply for admission?

Both the University of Calgary online application and the Faculty of Social Work paper application form become available in October of each year. 

Applicants should follow the step-by-step application instructions available on the Faculty of Social Work website.

When is the deadline date to apply for admission?

March 1 is the deadline for both the online University of Calgary application and the Faculty of Social Work BSW supplementary application and supporting documents.

Current University of Calgary students are required to fill out the Change of Program request through their Student Centre by 11:59 pm February 1 and submit the supplementary BSW application by March 1.

June 1 is the deadline for transfer students residing in Canada or the US to submit final transcripts, although we strongly encourage applicants to submit their official transcripts as early as possible.

March 31 is the deadline for students residing outside of Canada or the US to submit transcripts.

When can I take SOWK 201?

SOWK 201 must be successfully completed before a student can start classes in September. Although we recommend having SOWK 201 completed by the end of the Winter semester, the Faculty can conditionally admit students who register and successfully complete SOWK 201 in either the preceding Spring or Summer session. Upon successful completion of SOWK 201, the student’s status will be changed from “conditional” to “admitted”.

What is a competitive GPA?

The minimum grade point average to apply is 2.30 (66 - 69%) on the last 10 university transfer courses, however, competitive GPA is usually closer to 3.30 on a scale of 4.0 (76%).

When will I hear that I've been accepted to the BSW program?

Early offers of admission are normally made in late March/early April and regular offers of admission are normally made in late June /early July.

When and where are the BSW information sessions held?

Two information sessions are normally scheduled prior to the Fall admission intake. Please keep an eye on the Faculty of Social Work website for information session dates and locations:

What scholarships and/or bursaries are available?

Information on awards, scholarships and bursaries can be found at:

What does a practicum look like?

Students complete two practicum placements in their fourth year. The introductory practicum is taken in the fall semester of the fourth year and consists of 300 hours (3 days a week). The senior practicum is generally taken in the winter semester of the fourth year and consists of 400 hours (4 days a week).

Post diploma Route:

Students complete the senior practicum generally in the winter semester of the fourth year and this consists of 400 hours (4 days a week).

What career options are available to me with a BSW?

Social workers are often employed by government departments, school boards, human and health service agencies, hospitals and care organizations, mental health clinics, family and social service agencies, employee assistance programs, correctional services and agencies, Aboriginal band councils and other cross-cultural agencies and non-profit community agencies.

What is the Diverse Qualifications Admissions Policy?

Diverse Qualifications Admissions Policy is an admission policy available for students who have achieved excellence outside academics or who have overcome significant hardships. Information about this application category can be found at:

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